Here’s what we WON’T DO for you when it comes to your session!

(Oh yes…we’re going there TODAY!)

1️⃣ - We WON’T throw you to the wolves when it come to preparing for your session. Did you know that NDP gives you TONS of pre-session education to help you prep for your big day?!?! We will help you with your skin, nails, and wardrobe so that you’ll be picture perfect for your session day with us!

2️⃣ - We WON’T put you in stiff and boring poses or make YOU pose yourself … ever! Did you know that NDP is considered the go-to for natural posing with candid style? Our goal is for you to look your best!

3️⃣ - We WON’T edit away what makes you, YOU. At NDP, we refuse to edit away your pores, freckles, and beauty marks. We won’t “size you down” or throw filters at your images that represent false colors. You are perfect just the way you are … let us help you realize that with stunning skin texture and tone, your true shape and the real tones & colors visible from your session that day.

Not the kind of post you thought it would be, huh? We love creating a higher standard for photography and to us, that means staying true to YOU in your photos.

So…let’s do this! If you’re ready for a higher standard of photos, click here, fill out the form, and we’ll send you a ton more reasons to book your session now!