“Whoa Nickole…isn’t a whole month too far away to book a session, it seems like forever?”

HECK TO THE NO IT’S NOT! And let me tell you why (hint…there’s perks to booking early)!


1️⃣ - DATES

You actually get a BETTER CHOICE OF DATES when you book early! Think about it … the entire calender of our available dates is at your disposal and YOU get first served!

Pick your favorite season and book that date!

2️⃣ - PREP

Booking early means that dress you ordered comes on time … who doesn’t need more PREP TIME for their session? You don’t want this to be a rushed event in your life …. take your time, prep for any last minute shoe change, and have the session of a lifetime.


Booking your date early means that if any RESCHEDULES need to happen due to weather or illness, etc, there will still be plenty of dates and first dibs at a reschedule date, to choose from. No need to panic!

So…let’s do this! If you’re ready to book your session ahead of everyone else, click here, fill out the form, and we’ll send you a ton more reasons to book your session now!