Avoid making these 5 mistakes that could ruin your session!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE … Do not lay out the day or even 5 days before your session and BURN or get crazy tan lines … NO I will not photoshop them out. You don’t have enough money to pay me the time it would take to fix every image I deliver and I don’t have the time to spend doing it … I’d rather watch my kids baseball game.

2️⃣ - HAIR

I encourage you to refrain from getting any major hair chop or dye job (you may regret / hate). If you MUST get your hair done before your session, don’t cut your hair any more than a refreshing trim right before your session. If you end up not liking the outcome, not only will that show in your images, but it’ll be documented forever in your photos.

3️⃣ - NAILS

PLEASE … if you have chipped / peeling nail polish on your nails from last week, get some remover and reveal your full bare nails. It will look 100 times better and I assure you, you will be happier with the final results when you see the images.

4️⃣ - SKIN

Just say no to facial peels 3 weeks before your session. It could leave your face red, blotchy, and even peeling still. Also, trying new facial products could leave your skin looking dry or even worse, with huge breakouts. Yikes!

5️⃣ - SHOES

Don’t forget to order new or clean the shoes you’ll be wearing and please … no character shoes for the little ones. I will totally help you choose and find the best deals to save a penny … heck if it’s something I could use in my client closet, I’ll even purchase them myself!

So…let’s do this! If you’re ready to book your session ahead of everyone else, click here, fill out the form, and we’ll send you a ton more reasons to book your session now!