NDP has published their first Website after what-feels-like 10+ long years!

This introverted mind has lots going on and although I don't say much aloud, it doesn't mean I have nothing to say. Stay tuned for lots of jargon from my FAVORITE Coffee to how I edit a session.

Leaving this here...Professional Prints are all about quality. Yes, they may be slightly more pricey than drug store printers, but let me remind you, Professional Quality Prints are "guaranteed for life" from fading, but only when purchased through your gallery!

I did a little experiment of my own to see JUST how different prints actually came out from different printing labs. Notice the differences in color from each lab below and how similar the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) and Professional lab print indefinitely are! I've see so many people say how AMAZING Costco prints are but hey, the proof is in the print (below), it doesn't look AMAZING to me, it's looking a lot yellow!

What do you think?